Demon the Fallen

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Editable character sheets.


House Rules

  • Soaking :
    Demons can soak bashing and lethal only. Demons suffer no aggravated damage.
  • Lore (Evocation)
    • Attribute + Ability + (Ravaging)
      • Player can spend temporary faith for automatic successes.
      • Ravaging, every point ravaged mortal looses one willpower point. If mortal looses all willpower they gain a derangement until treated with psychiatric help. If demon continues to take faith the mortal will take one level of lethal damage (not soakable) per point taken, until dead.
      • All successes must be higher than permanent torment, otherwise tormented effect happens.
      • Botch is one temporary torment point.
      • No lore can be higher than players’ primary lore.
      • Number of Evocations allowed to function at any one time is equal to the player’s faith rating.
  • Innate Powers
    Demon must have at least 1 point of temporary faith remaining.
    • Immunity to possession
    • Immunity to mind control
    • Resistance to Illusion (Perception + Alertness; Difficulty 7 unless another demon then difficulty is faith or torment which ever is higher of the other demon.)
    • Resistance to lethal damage. Demons can use stamina to soak lethal damage.
    • Heal physical damage
      • One faith point will heal all bashing damage
      • One faith point will heal one point of lethal damage.
    • Invocations, when someone speaks a demons Celestial or True name they will feel a chill down there spine or a tug.
      • Faith; Difficulty 7 (Celestial Name)
      • Faith; Difficulty 6 (True Name)
    • Supernatural Awareness (Perception + Awareness; Difficulty 7)
  • Apocalyptic Form
    To change into apocalyptic form Faith; Difficulty 6 or spend a temporary faith point
    • Demon must declare which power will be invoked before roll.
    • Demon may invoke hi-torment abilities with a gain of one temporary torment point per power.
    • Resistance to lethal damage. Demon can use stamina to soak lethal damage.
    • Botch roll, demon loses a temporary point of faith.
    • Resistance to aggravated damage. Demon can use stamina/2 to soak aggravated damage. (Los Angles Game)
    • Reaping of faith from all mortals.
    • Mortals suffer revelation.

      A Demon with a torment less than half their willpower is glorious and awesome, shadows of the divine beings they once were.

      Demons with a torment greater than their willpower are living nightmares that are terrible to behold.

      Demons in between may be either or both, depending on the mortals preconceptions and the judgment of the storyteller.

      Mortals with a low willpower are likely to be overwhelmed by the demon’s true nature, while those with greater willpower can overcome the initial shock and deal with the revelation.

      Mortal’s role willpower against a difficulty of the demon’s permanent faith. Mortals that fail the role are so awed or horrified by what they see that they are incapable of doing anything but standing and staring raptly. If the demon directly threatens them, they will flee as quickly as possible and later rationalize what happened to them. A batch means the mortal suffers a complete collapse, either fainting dead away or turning into a gibbering mass, overcome with awe or terror.

  • Reaping Faith – Mortal must believe they are interacting with a demon.
    Demon will decide to reap faith the Demon, rolls willpower against a difficulty of 7.
    Mortal, rolls willpower against a difficulty of 7.

    If demon wins they gain 1 (sometimes 2) points of faith.
  • Offered Faith
    Demon must enter into a pact and empower the mortal. When doing this the Faith Potential / 2; round up can be converted into offered faith. Offered faith is faith the demon receives every day. The remaining may be spent on empowering the mortal.

    Offered faith arrives once per day when dawn comes to the mortal.


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